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About us

Mirko Samsinger, founder and managing partner of Euro Hanse GmbH, has specialised in aviation insurance since the early 1990s. He has held a number of executive positions (authorised officer and managing director) at well-known companies and international insurance brokers. During his career to date he has acquired a substantial wealth of experience. By acquiring Euro Hanse GmbH Insurance Brokers in October 2008, the 54-year-old Austrian, who was born and lives in Hamburg, took the logical step of setting up in business on his own.

Fascinated by the world of aviation and with a passion for service provision, Samsinger controls the fortunes of Euro Hanse.

Integrity, precision and absolute commitment characterise Euro Hanse’s corporate philosophy, in which the focus is always on direct access to contact persons and customised, personal service.

Euro Hanse sees itself as more than just an insurance broker. It provides solutions to problems with as little bureaucracy as possible, especially at those times when clients require assistance most urgently, for example, in the event of damage/loss. In this respect, Euro Hanse does not hide behind legal terms and technical terminology, but provides the requisite level of transparency.

You too can benefit from Euro Hanse’s expertise, from a service you can trust and from absolute commitment to service.

We look forward to your call or e-mail.