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Third Party Legal Liability Insurance

The operator of an aircraft is liable pursuant the Luftverkehrsgesetz [German Air Traffic Act] (§§ 33-43 LuftVG as well as international agreements, European conventions and other additional regulations) for personal injury and material damages that have arisen through the operation of an aircraft. There is a legal insurance obligation. The limit is based on the aircraft’s maximum take-off mass.

The insurance cover of Third Party Legal Liability extends to the legal liability from the use of the aircraft listed in the insurance policy or endorsement and the type of use stated therein.
The personal legal liability of the operator as well as of all persons who participate with knowledge and willingness of the operator in flying and handling the aircraft are automatically co-insured.
Claims for damages due to personal injury to and material damages of the occupants of the aircraft as well as material damages to the conveyed goods are not insured. There are separate insurance offers for these.

Insurance limit The limit of the Third Party Legal Liability to be covered is based on Article 7 of EC Regulation 785/2004 and § 37 of the German Air Traffic Act:

Maximum take-off mass (kg)Minimum insurance limit (SDRs)

With respect to liability insurance conditions coverage of these risks up to a certain amount is obligatory due to country-specific regulations. 

Passenger Legal Liability Insurance

(passenger liability insurance)

The Passenger Legal Liability extends to the legal liability from the carriage or transport of persons and baggage as well as delayed carriage with the aircraft listed in the insurance policy or endorsement.

It thereby covers the liability of the carrier, arising under legal aviation liability provisions (international agreements and European conventions, §§ 33 - 43 of the LuftVG [German Air Traffic Act] or under § 823 of the BGB [German Civil Code]).

Included is the personal liability of all persons who with the knowledge and willingness of the owner participate in flying and handling the aircraft

The minimum obligatory limit of Passenger Legal Liability results from the following regulations:

EC Regulation 785/2004

Personal injury (Article 6 (1))
250,000 SDRs per passenger
100.000 SZR je Fluggast bei nicht gewerblichen Flügen mit
   100,000 SDRs per passenger for non-commercial flights by aircraft with an MTOM of up to 2,700 kg

Baggage (Article 6 (2))
1,000 SDRs per passenger for commercial flights

Cargo damages (Article 6 (3))
17 SDRs per kg for commercial flights

We recommend however significantly higher coverage amounts.

Pursuant EC Regulation 785/2004, insurance is obligatory if a person is conveyed based on a contract.


Combined Single Limit

As an optimal alternative to the separate Third Party Legal Liability and/or passenger legal liability, a Combined Single Limit can be taken out for each aircraft.

It provides coverage for the legal liability from the use of aircrafts (Third Party Legal Liability) as well as the legal liability of the carrier from the carriage of passengers and baggage on board aircraft as well as losses due to delay (carrier liability insurance).

As a rule we recommend our customers take out CSL

Personal Accident Insurance

We differentiate between two forms of personal accident:

  • Personal accident (associated with the aircraft)
  • per seat system
  • total amount system

Personal Accident is a voluntary insurance that the aircraft operator can take out for the pilot and his passengers. (This Personal Accident Insurance) It covers injury to the pilot and/or the occupants of an aircraft, which have arisen through an accident. The amount is limited by the insurance cover. The question of fault is not relevant for the accident insurance.

The so-called 24-hour-cover can be of particular interest for pilots, as it provides-cover for the general around-the-clock risk as well as the pilot risk so that there is (a corresponding) insurance protection in all circumstances.

Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie direkt bei uns.

Hull Insurance

Hull insurance encompasses all hazards up to the full amount of insurance cover to which the insured aircraft is exposed during the term of this insurance. This insurance encompasses every damage event affecting the aircraft that results in total or partial damage.
Corresponding to the insurance conditions the insurance extends to the aircraft specified in the insurance policy, its appendices and endorsements and the type of use specified therein.

Further information on the hull insurance is available to you directly from us

Engine Breakdown Insurance

Sudden internal damages to the engine are excluded in the hull insurance.
This insurance only provides cover for engine damages that have been directly caused by ingestion reading to a sudden event of loss.

Special Engine Breakdown insurance is available for this

Deductible Insurance

The deductible of certain aircraft is relatively high. Part of this amount may be reinsured against an additional premium.

Company Liability Insurance

A must for distributors, manufacturers and other companies in the aviation engineering industry; this covers damages/losses caused by technical failure or faulty workmanship.

The insurance covers legal liability arising from the attributes, legal relationships and activities associated with the insured aviation engineering company.
Aviation engineering companies are thus able to insure their enterprises against liability or recourse claims. Public liability insurance safeguards you, enabling you to meet justified claims and to ward off unjustified claims.

Insurance cover applies to premises risk, including real estate, buildings and personnel.

Hangar Keepers Liability Insurance

Hangar Keepers liability insurance provides insurance cover for legal liability arising from property damage to third-party aircraft and/or aircraft parts, which occurs during the periods of custody and performance by the policyholder. Ground risk as well as test and acceptance flights are insured. 

Product Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance provides insurance cover for legal liability arising from the manufacture or delivery of products and the performance of work or provision of services during the term of the insurance policy.
Liability claims, which arise after the product has been handed over to the buyer / principal or after completion of the work or provision of the service, are insured.


Suitable covers for drones with accessories and data.

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